A writer of erotic fiction online. Her (or him in disguise?) stories are read and adored by perverts everywhere.

Kysa has been dubbed as a hoax, and not everyone believes this. Let me be the first to speak up that she blatantly plagiarized Lolita in "her" story My Kysa Complex: a novel, replacing Dolly's name with Kysa. In fact, I first found her site by searching exact quotes from Lolita in Google.

Kysa also claims to be beautiful, deaf, and deceased, but obviously you should take that with a grain of salt.
From her website:

"Kysa Braswell R.I.P. Kysa was a beautiful (any way you want to define that word) deaf girl who maintained a wonderful, honest, sexy website about herself and all the problems and triumphs she encountered in her life. She may have predated what became known as blogs. . . . I don't think I can do her life's story any justice, but in fairness, I have to tell you that she died a few years ago. . . . She loved sex and wasn't afraid to tell people that in some detail on her website (where she could communicate without a need for hearing)."
by darling psycho January 15, 2009
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