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Somebody who is too smart for her own good - especially about random things, doesn't like sports except things like dance or gymnastics. Pretty girl, but isn't always confident in her looks.
Have you met that girl who knows really random things?

OH - that's Kylen. :)

Is it spelt like Kylene Wetherell the actress?
Nope - there's no "e" on the end.
by a1b2c3. July 14, 2009
A spiritual seeker; one who is most comfortable in the woods; the universe rests in its eyes.
I knew she was a Kylen when she experienced pure joy from a slug on the sidewalk.
by enso September 09, 2013
A total douche bag who goes and tells his best friend to kiss you so he has a good excuse to break up with you.
He's such a douche, his name must be Kylen.
by Bunny_Bridget May 14, 2012

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