A kyle is when a girl takes a dump below the area of your nostrals and you snort it up through your nose, as she gives you a handjob and sucks on ur butthole.
ThAT chick totally gave me a kyle last night, man she was awsome at it.
by Blazi December 29, 2007
The process whereby one separates good and bad quality items, or women, through active participation.
A form of testing.
In order to ensure accurate results we had to Kyle each candidate.
by Alterpenguin March 10, 2008
1. a kid who is homosexual and hangs out with boys only.
2. is a momma's boy.
kyle: hey where are all the boys up in this club?
girl: ew get away you homo.
kyle: :(
by lolznot January 21, 2008
a kyle is an AVA wanna be, usually writing crappy songs that sound just like AVA
Dude, you are such a Kyle.
by Blake Beckner January 15, 2008
1. Kyle the best character on South Park.
2. Fanfiction KYLE IS HOT
3. I like the name Kahl better.
"Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahl KYLE" - Eric Cartman
by Kahl April 18, 2007
Kyle aka PasteEaster on habbohotel.com is nothing but a straight up pimp like Steve, his master.. also known as -Konvict on habbohotel.com
"lookit that mang tryna pull a kyle"
by stayve January 21, 2008

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