That one douche bag who you just want to punch in the fucking face when you see them.
Person 1: Ughhh, I have to be lab partners with Kyle this semester
Person 2: I fucking hate that guy
by op potato slayer April 14, 2015
Bad sense of humour, never knows when to stop, rude, dickhead, usually known to have a small penis
Wow he's acting like such a KYLE
by Yeahcats20 May 27, 2015
Dude you don't need him, he's such a Kyle.
by Janny boy March 05, 2015
A total fag
Kyle: a total fag
by Mackleless May 20, 2015
Some guy who likes dick
Matt- hey do you see that guy over there
Joey- oh yeah. He's a Kyle
by SexyMoo March 15, 2015
a dick loving ass who loves to cheat on as many women as possible and still gets chicks
why did Kyle cheat on Carly j.
by deathpunk001 February 23, 2015
A semi-dorky boy who is really outgoing and funny.
"Did you see that basketball guy?"
"Oh yeah that's totally Kyle."
by lala_thanksbye January 11, 2015

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