kyle (female name; noun) is the cool girl most boys want. She usually has GREAT teeth and she is always there for you. She is fierce when it comes to food, so watch out cuz she might grab for your fries! Basically, you HAVE to find a kyle because she is the most FABULOUS girl you can find.
boy: mmmm these french fries are the bomb.

kyle: *grabs handful of fries* YUM!
boy: kyle!!!! aww I can't stay mad at u!
by superbae13 December 16, 2014
Kyles are very amazing people. They are always there for you and will never forget about you. They take time out of there day to be there for you and your problems. Kyles can cheer you up fast by giving you compliments or just saying a joke. Over all Kyles are just amazing people and If you find yourself one you should hold on because you won't ever find one so amazing.
Kyle is amazing
by Oppshi August 01, 2015
the most perfect guy in the world, that everyone can't help but love. he's handsome & nice but can be annoying =] he's a sweetheart when he's not with his friends and he's amazing !
I'm in love with Kyle, he's amazing.
by ashliiie x33 January 26, 2009
Nice and very easy to talk to. You can trust a Kyle with everything. He isn't very demanding and can be a HUGE flirt. Over all, hes almost perfect <3
"Can i trust you like I would Kyle?"
by Genesis1813123456789 November 08, 2011
Someone who can't do anything for himself, relies on people who are not his friends for food, rides, and money. The ultimate mooch. Often caught with his pants off jerking to gay small dick porn.
Kyle: "Are you guys goin out for food??"
Everyone Else: "Fuck off"
by LongDickStyleJohnson69 January 11, 2016
"Hey you know Kyle?"
"Oh yeah, he is Bitch."
by Funny Tings December 11, 2015
A person who appears to mess up a lot. Can also be used as a term to blame another person for you're mis-doing
Dang it Kyle....
by 9intheafternoon January 02, 2016

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