a dick loving ass who loves to cheat on as many women as possible and still gets chicks
why did Kyle cheat on Carly j.
by deathpunk001 February 23, 2015
the most perfect guy in the world, that everyone can't help but love. he's handsome & nice but can be annoying =] he's a sweetheart when he's not with his friends and he's amazing !
I'm in love with Kyle, he's amazing.
by ashliiie x33 January 26, 2009
Some guy who likes dick
Matt- hey do you see that guy over there
Joey- oh yeah. He's a Kyle
by SexyMoo March 15, 2015
Nice and very easy to talk to. You can trust a Kyle with everything. He isn't very demanding and can be a HUGE flirt. Over all, hes almost perfect <3
"Can i trust you like I would Kyle?"
by Genesis1813123456789 November 08, 2011
A supposedly sweet guy(according to a single hyperactive kid) who in reality is kind of an asshole and a real bitch to his roommates. But no body cares because he is off with a lesbian cult half the time. He is also in constant denial of being Jewish which is kind of sad, but what ever.
Person 1: Hey Kyle whats up?
Kyle: *ignores person one*
Person 2: Don't feel too bad Kyle is a bitch.

Person 1: Kyle are you Jewish?
Person 2: I'm not Jewish dammit!
by zander1390 October 18, 2014
The kind of guy that thinks he's hot shit. Prone to posting dick pics and hanging out with guys because he's uncomfortable talking to chicks
Jacob is such a kyle.
by gellis24 September 21, 2014
a fag ass bro, who rides motocross. he always says he is faster then one of his friends , because he is compensating for his dick size. he drives a tractor and loves him some red heads. he is a fuck boy and has ASSBURGERS!
by BIGPOPPA121 December 31, 2013

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