A guy who is attractive, possibly a fuckboy, and attracts all of the ladies. He can sometimes be a little creepy, and very overprotective over a significant other, which can be good or bad.
"Man, that dude looks like a Kyle!"
by 420lazeiy July 04, 2015
Kyles are very amazing people. They are always there for you and will never forget about you. They take time out of there day to be there for you and your problems. Kyles can cheer you up fast by giving you compliments or just saying a joke. Over all Kyles are just amazing people and If you find yourself one you should hold on because you won't ever find one so amazing.
Kyle is amazing
by Oppshi August 01, 2015
the most perfect guy in the world, that everyone can't help but love. he's handsome & nice but can be annoying =] he's a sweetheart when he's not with his friends and he's amazing !
I'm in love with Kyle, he's amazing.
by ashliiie x33 January 26, 2009
Nice and very easy to talk to. You can trust a Kyle with everything. He isn't very demanding and can be a HUGE flirt. Over all, hes almost perfect <3
"Can i trust you like I would Kyle?"
by Genesis1813123456789 November 08, 2011
A really retarded fucktard
I hate that guy because he's a kyle
by Truth teller 69690 July 07, 2015
A little bitch ass nigga who can't do shit and also a pussy. Also can't afford his own house because he broke. On the good side they are cute.
Jacob: come on lets go sneak out to the party.
Gabe: ughh I don't think that a good idea.
Jacob: OMG. You're such a Kyle
by AAR0511 March 03, 2015
That one douche bag who you just want to punch in the fucking face when you see them.
Person 1: Ughhh, I have to be lab partners with Kyle this semester
Person 2: I fucking hate that guy
by op potato slayer April 14, 2015

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