Noun.-One of the best guys on the face of the earth. Extremely smart, yet athletic, talented, and downright sexy. Is good at football, and will definatly marry a hot girl.
Kyle will play college football.
#kyle #amazing #football #athletic #talented
by Ying-Chong February 07, 2008
the sexiest guy i know!(: hes amazingLy aweome in every waY! hes the Sweet one who acts like himself no mAtter who hes with(: hes the kind of guy who makes everyoNe laugh. hes the big flirt who respects the girl he loves anD doEsnt Rush anything! hes super easy to fall in love with!(:
i love you kyle!
#aweome #sexiest #sweet #flirt #respects
by poptart101 April 27, 2011
Someone who is known for doing random shit for no reason. He also likes video games. He loves getting money and hoes. He is someone who gets caught for plagiarizing and getting drunk all the time. He loves to use phrases from TV shows such as "pussy bitch".
"I was such a Kyle last night.
#money #hoes #fag #gay #pussy #bitch
by accuratedefintions69 September 16, 2014
The sweetest most caring man you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. He could make your heart melt with just one look from his crystal blue eyes. He makes it worth to get up each and every morning. He's sexy, intelligent, will always put a smile on your face without even trying<3 if you find yourself with a Kyle don't let him go, because he will make the best husband and bestfriend a girl could possibly have<3
Kyle stole my heart the first time we met <3
#awesome #sexy #funny #smart #sweetheart
by MrsCochran November 04, 2012
An asshole. But once you get to know him he is the most amazing guy you will every meet. He can be loyal, lovable, caring, kind, nice and more. But once you get one his bad side you can't go back. Very strong and hot. Gets all the ladies. Tends to be a douch-bag. Sexy in every way. A good friend to the ones he cares about. Athletic in almost any sport u can think of. Manly football and lacrosse. An amazing kisser with the softest lips you will ever kiss. Once he leaves you, you will want him back instantly. He falls in love quick. Very passionate about the person he loves.
I would love a kyle
#asshole #dick #hot #lovable #athletic
by Elizabethxoxo March 08, 2015
Kyle is an extremely kind person

He's funny and trustworthy yet slightly strange
He's worth being friends with, he's amazing and nothing will change it, he's flipping amazing at scoring goals in football and is super good at handstands he's an amazing friend and has adorable baby photos
You can talk to him about anything and he will understand he knows what to say in the right moment and no matter if you don't see it yourself he will reassure you that you are completely awesome just how you are!
He should never change and he never will!
#kyle #kind #trustworthy #basically amazing #bestie #2fab4u
by T0pazzlr February 14, 2015
The most amazing boy you will ever meet. Easy to love and easy to fall in love with. Smart, funny, crazy, sweet, adorable, and sexy. Can be mean and loves to play jokes ;) The perfect boyfriend for a girl like me.
#crazy #jokes #perfect #amazing #sexy
(noun) The greatest person that will ever come into your life. This is a person who will change your life forever, possibly, even save it. He is very handsome and kind with the most amazing hazel eyes. He has had many hard experiences in his like that makes him think he is worthless, but will act like he's on top of the world so you think otherwise. He will make you feel like your the best thing in his life and you will fall in love. He will never leave your mind. He is your best friend.
Kyle just did a front flip off the side of the church! He's awesome!!
#forever #hazel eyes #experiences #best friend #awesome
by teefy:D May 08, 2011
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