Noun.-One of the best guys on the face of the earth. Extremely smart, yet athletic, talented, and downright sexy. Is good at football, and will definatly marry a hot girl.
Kyle will play college football.
by Ying-Chong February 07, 2008
Kyle is sexy, funny, FIT, caring and the best guy you could ever meet!!

He also has a really BIG dick
Omg! that guys dick is hench! must be kyles.
by lemonn May 08, 2009
A kyle is the boy that every girl falls for, and fast. He's charming, cute, and smart. One of the best friends you will ever have.. but is the one friend you can't resist liking. He is no shy guy... but he is not the type to tell you how he feels. You'd need super powers to figure out a kyle, but in the mean time kyle is a great person to spend your time with.
Friend #1 "Did you see kyle today?"
Friend #2 "Yeah he looked FINE!"
Friend #1 "You know it, i think i might have a thing fot that boy"
Freind #2 "You cant be for real? I was thinking the same thing"
by DivineDarkDiva August 18, 2010
He is my crazy best friend, who makes my heart smile!
He is definately a studley mannekin ;)
Kyle is more than just a boy, he is such an amazing guy that he is a new kind of love!
This Kyle is a smart, cute, hilarious boy! <3
Kyle is easy to fall for, and he'll always make you smile!
It would definately be hard to be sad around him!
That mannekin is so Kyle!
My boyfriend's hotter than yours! Just because he's kyle! :]
by Supercaliashlynn December 21, 2009
the coolest, most awesome guy around. he is sweet and caring and would never intentionally do anything to hurt anyone. he says some of the funniest shit and is always makin people laugh. but don't piss him off, because he can also be pretty fuckin crazy.
thanks man, your so Kyle.
by baby hours April 28, 2009
The subject and predicate for everything that matters to you from here on.
Kyle. Kyle. Kyle. Kyle.
by Kyle Warnica January 29, 2008
A Kyle is an Australian person who likes to punch babies. Kyles are the gender purple and they're fun police and kangaroos that don't know how to speak proper American. Also, Kyles are really really awesome and good friends.
"What's wrong with you"
"I'm a Kyle."
"That explains it."
by NuclearGears January 05, 2012
The sweetest, cutest, hottest, nicest, most good looking, caring, loving, funniest, most imaginative guy yo'll ever meet. Someone who is very much known to make a girl fall in love with and not want to fall out. He does the sweetest things for his girlfriend and never lets her down. He's the most terrible liar in the cutest way you can think of. His eye brows move and he smiles. He smiles a lot and it's the cutest thing ever. there is so much to say with so litttle space.
I love my Kyle.
by SylGen March 19, 2011

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