1. a kid who is homosexual and hangs out with boys only.
2. is a momma's boy.
kyle: hey where are all the boys up in this club?
girl: ew get away you homo.
kyle: :(
by lolznot January 21, 2008
A fucking scrub. Lazy, antisocial
Person: That Kyle sure is a scrub
Other person: I know, he's such an asshole
by WhoTheHellAmIReally April 29, 2016
is an asshat.
Kyle stop drinking your 90% vodka 10% mtn dew like an asshat.
by agent_fern April 27, 2016
A punks ass loser bitch who try's to be black
That Doughbag over there is a real Kyle no wonder no one like him
by Shitcuntrecker March 31, 2016
Someone who can't do anything for himself, relies on people who are not his friends for food, rides, and money. The ultimate mooch. Often caught with his pants off jerking to gay small dick porn.
Kyle: "Are you guys goin out for food??"
Everyone Else: "Fuck off"
by LongDickStyleJohnson69 January 11, 2016
A person who appears to mess up a lot. Can also be used as a term to blame another person for you're mis-doing
Dang it Kyle....
by 9intheafternoon January 02, 2016
A huge jerk off who only cares for himself. He has an annoying laid back attitude. He is easy to get mad at and easier to hold a grudge against. Walks around talking crap then when he gets beat up its nothing. He is tall blond and fugly Don't ever date a kyle
Oh wow that guy is a typicial kyle
by deeznutz1126 April 09, 2016
Someone who dates really ugly girls, but thinks they're really hot
"Damn, Kyle is dating a pornstar"
by iloveleftshoes December 10, 2015
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