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1. Taking a dump in a woman's purse.

2. Inferior off brand items.
1. Woah! Johhny took a dump in that chicks purse! He just kwik tripped!

2. Yeah, Patrick just bought some crappy generic energy drink. He sure pulled a Kwik Trip.
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A gas station that eats babies. It was on CNN.
Watch out for those nazi's at kwik trip. They will eat your children and sell you crappy off brand products.
by Jordan W. MN October 20, 2009
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The act of cleverly pricing a few staple goods very cheap to lure suckers in, but ripping people off with everything else in a gas station. Also purposely allowing the spread of STDs, AIDS, and bastard children by not selling condoms.,
Oh no! I got AIDS and have 5 months to live because of Kwik Trip!
by ConcernedCitizenWI August 04, 2010
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A great place to work owned by generous people. Also a place to find good value and friendly faces.
Those people at Kwik Trip always seem happy.
by JohhnyKT February 17, 2010
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