A fake and gay holiday made up by some random black guy in the 60's.
Person 1: I'm being politically correct and celebrating Kwanzaa!
Person 2: What the fuck is Kwanzaa?
Person 1: I dunno
by iThItStHeFaN May 08, 2010
An African-American holiday that celebrates the deeds of a brave little boy who saved his village from man-eating tigers by having them follow each others tails until they turned into butter.
Flapjacks with loads of butter are served at the holiday meal.
Ah et 127 flapjacks with a ton o' butter an molasses for mah kwanzaa suppah. Yas suh, it sho'nuf was GOOD! GOOD! GOOD!
by silkiesmooth October 31, 2005
The black Hanukkah
Tyrone: Yo man what you gettin me fo kwanzaa

Jamal: Nuttin man its just da black hanukkah
by Mgaz December 25, 2011
A holiday invented by black people, which is a combination of Hanukkah and Christmas (even though Hanukkah is better then any holiday ever because its 8 days long). African Americans celebrate their Blackitude, and how awesome black people are during this holiday.
Tyrone: Instead of celebrating Christmas, or Hanukkah, I'm going to celebrate Kwanzaa and rejoyce in my blackness with fried chicken and greens.
by Frank45 December 03, 2005
A holiday developed in the 1960s in responce to the black freedom movement. It was meant to instill pride in the black communities found throughout the world. It is not as widly celebrated as the media makes it up to be, due to it's placement right after Christmas. This holiday has no religious foundation. Kwanzaa it's self means "first fruits" in Swahili.
Kwanzaa is a time of gathering, and involves seven principals, each having their own day dedicated to their reflection.
by Fibby December 19, 2003

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