A holiday developed in the 1960s in responce to the black freedom movement. It was meant to instill pride in the black communities found throughout the world. It is not as widly celebrated as the media makes it up to be, due to it's placement right after Christmas. This holiday has no religious foundation. Kwanzaa it's self means "first fruits" in Swahili.
Kwanzaa is a time of gathering, and involves seven principals, each having their own day dedicated to their reflection.
by Fibby December 19, 2003
Top Definition
A holiday that no Black people I know celebrate.
Well , one year my Uncle tried to , but we all laughed at him.
You gave me a fruit horn for Kwanzaa? OK , joke's over , where's my Christmas present?
by oy December 28, 2003
A holiday developed by a Dr. Maulana "Ron" Karenga, a black militant, Marxist, and convicted felon.
Just five years after this, he was convicted of torturing two black women to death.

Observed from December 26 to January 1, Kwanzaa is based on a mixture of East African harvest rituals, called "first fruits" by Karenga and 1960's radicalism. This is in spite of the fact most slaves came from West Africa.

Viewed as an "alternative" to Christmas, it, nonetheless, is based on race, and not in faith.
I really don't care if Kwanzaa is celebrated, just don't let the PC crowd force it down our throats.
by tradesman December 24, 2003
1)A made up piece of shit holiday steeped in all the deepest traditions of Sweetest Day or Secretary's Day.

2)A holiday for African Americans that no African American observes or understands.
Bob: "I plan to celebrate Kwanzaa this year!"
Larry: "That's swell! Let's run out to the store for Kwanzaa cards and decorations!"
Bob: "Alas, we cannot, for nobody carries Kwanzaa merchandise because nobody cares about or celebrates it, even the people it is made for!"
Larry: "Too bad. I guess Christmas will have to be enough this year."
by Frank Dixon August 20, 2005
It's the right-on power handshake of the 1990s. Yet another politically correct tactic to get whites to pay attention to non-whites, primarily blacks. It's a fabricated holiday based on race, invented by a convicted felon, which is too third world for most black Americans, too jewish for black muslims, and too stupid for everyone else. Now that's a fine example for the ghetto children of the world!
I'm cwazy for Kwanzaa!
by Duke December 24, 2004
Kwanzaa is a Counterfeit made up, holiday started by a black convicted kidnaper, rapist, Karenga, whose criminal record includes having been convicted and jailed on charges of assault and false imprisonment for the torture of two black women.

There is no nothing ethnically African about it, it is all fake and
We want to take off 8 days and stay drunk, so we will make up a holiday of or own, we will call it Kwanzaa
by jillserinder December 21, 2006
Obviously a manufactured holiday created by African Americans in the late 1980s/early 1990s, when the fad of that time was to be "African", which is why Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America" was a blockbuster hit in 1988, when in reality it was a racist shit movie that made fun of people from Africa.
Kwanza is just another corporate excuse to extend the Christmas holiday by seven more days.
by historian July 24, 2003
A popular file sharing program for African-Americans.
Yo' nigga, joo download dat porno of KwAnZzA? Dam dat shit is wak!

Fo' Sho!
by Michael K. January 04, 2005
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