a brand new religion stemming back to "illbeats" a video maker on youtube, he made a video called "re:dick in a box"
in reply to the saturday night live sketch "dick in a box"
moose and colibri stumbled across this and enjoyed fits of laughter which eventually led to moose getting a blood nose. Nobody else except moose and colibri find the video funny. We don't know why we do but we do know its somewhat linked to how he says "kwanzaaaaa" out of fucking nowhere if you find the above video funny feel free to add me to msn and i'll give you heezy rules on our religion. Also illbeats has promised to mention colibri and moose in his next "rob show" his vlog
"need i say more"
"oh yeaahhhh"
by colibri January 12, 2007
The holiday everybody forgot about because they were too busy buying presents for Christmas.
What is Kwanza? i need to buy more presents for Christmas.
by Plz Go Awey April 03, 2016
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