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a brand new religion stemming back to "illbeats" a video maker on youtube, he made a video called "re:dick in a box"
in reply to the saturday night live sketch "dick in a box"
moose and colibri stumbled across this and enjoyed fits of laughter which eventually led to moose getting a blood nose. Nobody else except moose and colibri find the video funny. We don't know why we do but we do know its somewhat linked to how he says "kwanzaaaaa" out of fucking nowhere if you find the above video funny feel free to add me to msn and i'll give you heezy rules on our religion. Also illbeats has promised to mention colibri and moose in his next "rob show" his vlog
"need i say more"
"oh yeaahhhh"
by colibri January 12, 2007
A artificially created holiday for blacks so they could feel good about themselves and not have to celebrate Christmas like the white man.
Fo' Kwanza, Tyrone gots some gold teef and a foty ounce beer.
by Mighty Whitey August 29, 2003
A stupid black holiday that is supposed to have an "African" vibe to it. The only problem is that Kwanza was invented in california in the latter half of the 20th century.
Think of Christmas, but instead of Ham, there are baby back ribs.
by Derm November 24, 2003
That other holiday nobody really cares about, because:

1. They're too busy buying things for Christmas


2. They're too busy complaining about how Chanukah isn't appreciated enough
Hey, you know it's true.
by yoyobling December 20, 2004
(1) the basic unit of money in Angola
(2) common misspelling of the "holiday", Kwanzaa
...and how much is that worth in kwanzas?
by P4|<1574N December 25, 2004
Kwanza is the name of the main river of Angola, originating from one of Angola's many dialects. It has also become the name of the Angolan currency.
- How much does this fruit cost?
- Two...
- Two what? Two Kwanzas?
- No, two million Kwanzas!....
by flyingdutchman November 12, 2003
Hanukah for black people.
7 candles in the menorah instead of 8.
"I ate me some fried chicken and Collard Greens for Kwanza."
1: the basic unit of money in Angola

2: a festival featuring African-American culture; celebrated between Christmas
1. Give me 2 kwanza's

2. Kwanaza is a holiday
by AC December 25, 2003