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1. The lord of all waffles. deriving from the union of king and waffle. king+waffle=kwaffle.
2.A uber, amazingly delicious waffle.
3. Waffle royalty.
Today, just an ordinary waffle, but soon i shal become Kwaffle and rule over all over waffles!
by Fritzxcore January 24, 2007
A Kwaffle is an amazing word to descirbe a wench who just ate the rest of the custard in your gelati.
This one is a union of "Cunt" and "Waffle"
The "K" gives it something extra.
Not to be confused with "Quaffle", which is some ball in harry potter or something.
Rizz: "What is that old man doing over there?"
Shannon: "What old man?"
Rizz: *steals custard*
Shannon: "You kwaffle!"
by John Bach July 02, 2006
a group of emo boys, usually 3 or more together in a group. very rare to be seen except at concerts, some parties, or on a college campus.
"Wow, did you just see that kwaffle walk by? There must have been a hundred of them!!"
by Ruca2386 February 08, 2006