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A tribe of big-nosed dutch people who raise tulips. They are remembered for their kindness and beauty by everyone they encounter. Over the ages their tribe has spread to America and Canada to share their wisdom with the world.
Tourist: That gorgeous woman just gave me a tulip.
Tourist #2: She must be a Kuyvenhoven. I read about them in the tour guide.
by tulip2 December 28, 2009
A big fat ugly whore who consistently bullies people who are far sexier than she is. She claims to have thousands of comments, but in fact they are all flammage. Nobody likes a Kuyvenhoven.
Regular Person: I want to do that Jake kid allll night!
Kuyvenhoven: Nah, he's gay. Look at all my (fake) comments!
by Hunkalot Vonsecksmeister April 09, 2007