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Mostly used in Hindi and Punjabi as a slang:
1. Kutti means a bitch (female dog) as well as a dirty,selfish and mean woman. A small dirty woman.
It is the diminutive form of Kutiya(official word) carrying the same meaning.

2. Kutti cheez= Someone or something too cunning or too smart(masc. or fem.).
1. Kutti kaheen ki!=Bloody bitch !
2. Tu badi kutti cheez hai yaar! = You are too cunning buddy !
by Ashok Sutra October 22, 2006
An indian word for a bitch
My cousin is such a kutti.
he's a kuti fucker
by El_burro March 23, 2003
Beautiful, Cute
She's so Kutti
by Marie67 December 26, 2008
An attractive Indian woman
I would like to shag that kutti
by Super Pete April 04, 2004