A prank where you fart into your phone when someone picks up then hang up.
watch this, I am going to kuta JJ when he picks up the phone
by big ghey chris 69 July 26, 2006
Top Definition
sala kuta
by Don August 24, 2003
Australian Slang : Good, the best or the greatest. Often used in conjunction with the words Fucking and mate.
Look at Johnboys new Charger (a 70's chrysler automobile).
Thats Fucking Kuta mate.
by Bitchen Bobby August 26, 2006
Good, Great, Wonderfull
Hey look at that car, Kuta
by Karlito April 20, 2003
a male bizzle, who always gizzles and likes to drink pizzle, and smoke on other fizzle's dizzle like a wizzle, and they never quizzle
shaan, manpreet, simran etc.
by Sheru February 25, 2005
Stands for "Kick Up The Arse". A management term and business process identified when the only precursor to a particular task getting done by one person is having another person go up to them and give them a kick up the arse.
We lost the Smith portfolio? Hooray. Somebody deserves a KUTA for that one.
by Dylbert May 14, 2004
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