Ultimate versatile swearword in Dutch. In many ways like 'fuck' in English. Literally 'cunt'. Also predicated of females, like 'bitch'.
Wat een kutweer!
- What shitty weather!

- Fuck!/Shit! (In about any situation)

Loop niet zo te kutten!
- Stop fucking around!

- Fucking moron!
by Barais June 14, 2006
Top Definition
Dutch for cunt
Wat een krappe kut (What a tight cunt)
by Mahmoth April 23, 2003
shitty Poor situation
sucks Sorry to hear that
Da's mooi kut -> That's a real shitty situation.

Da's kut -> Sorry to hear that
by Goldie March 10, 2005
This word acts as a verb or noun. It means that you are about to do something or it is the object which you are going to act upon. It is very versatile.
I'm hungry, you guys wanna kut some McDonalds?
Did you put that new kut in your car?
Dude, you're hella late, are you in the kut yet?
by RisingSuns February 27, 2006
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