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The Kushminati is a secret organization of elite kush smokers that blow sacks that cost more than your fcuking rent. Kushminati are not simpletons. They are from a different pedigree, kut from a different cloth, so they don't blow regular shyt. (Sorry reggie smokers, you lames are losing like a mothafcuka). in perpetuum, Kushminati procure first-class 24hour access to domestic & international flights with KushAirlines (Flying Jets Over You Squares, You Fcuking Checkerboards!) and you can stumble upon them snatching up frequent flyer miles during a sour hour marathon/session. Kushminati refuse to associate themselves with lames, so they prefer to autograph to sky with bosses. Shades never off & rockin' at least a 9 or 10 swag, they are the action on the court while you are the gum stuck to the bleachers. Kushminati Mission: To be a Kushillionaire.
Garcia Vega guts in the garbage can is a clear indication that the Kushminati was here.
by KupK@KeJunKie July 12, 2011

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