One who knows all..but how to be a P.I.M.P
look at that smart kid...he is so kushagra
by seymore butts March 30, 2004
Top Definition
Greatness personified.
Popular Girl 1: So did Kush come to your party last night?
Popular Girl 2: Nah, he's way too cool for that, he was probably at home studying or something.
Popular Girl 1: What a guy...
by Agra March 30, 2004
A male specimen of an unknown species. Characterized by an over-sized mouth and a coffee-colored complexion.
Whoah, look out for that Kushagra! He might just bite your head off!
by geedopandey November 07, 2011
18 yards but 20 on a good day..
rolled up in a potato sack making some omelets..
girl: yo! kushagra! keep that snake in the bag, will ya, before you sprinkle some "pepper" on my omelet!
by sexymami April 02, 2004
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