The affect you feel after smoking kush. You feel like your in a Kush coma.
Jim- god damn where the hell have you been!?
Aldo- my bad my mans I was in a fuckin kush coma!

Jim- whats wrong with Aldo?
Nick- he's comatose right now.
Jim- He hit the kush again from little jimbo didnt he?
Nick- Yup
Jim- Fuck it, time to put myself in a kush coma too
by thaboyz50 April 09, 2010
Top Definition
To be so high off of marijuana 'kush' that you pass out and don't wake up until the next day or later that day.
Brianna: "Hey, wheres Brandon?"
Shaquan: "I couldn't wake him up that fools in a 'kush coma'."
by Briannnnaaaa May 14, 2011
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