Person 1: What you doing today?
Person 2: Hittin up the mall
Person 1: Oh thats kush
by amberkinss October 25, 2008
A super high grade of marijuana. Kush was developed by a very good bud breader name Kyle Kushman. There are now many varieties of kush available today such as O.G. Kush, Blackberry Kush, and Kyle's Purple Kush. Unfortunatly kush has been popularized by rap music.
buyer: What the fuck?! You're charging me $75 fucking dollars for an eighth?!!

dealer: shiiet niggah it's kush, fiddy cent rapps 'bout dis shiiet.
by hydromatt July 29, 2007
An ancient African kingdom which some argue influenced Egypt and the Western world as we know it.

Traditionalists and current evidence support that Sumer was the first civilization however.
"That Kushite sure made cute, little pyramids!"
by Tzeentch February 15, 2005
a "kush"(notice the noncaps k which makes a regular word and not a name)-
n- the act of a student taking a day off from school for special purposes
(specific definitions can vary) includes:
1. taking a day of to miss a crazy hard test
2. taking a day of to study for a crazy hard test
3. taking a day of due to a lack of sleep (sometimes resulting in halucinations)
4. taking a day of because of chronic anxiety over an upcoming test (sometimes not studying at all, just being nervous)
5. taking a day of for unfinished homework
1. Im definetly going to pull a kush tommorow to study for my Apush midterm.
2. Im considering pulling a kush, since my laziness has caused me to procrastinate, which means I have to read 500 pages in 2 days.
by clamchaoder January 24, 2007
Comfortable, chill, pimp
Mike's house is kush cuz he gots a 57" tv and his parents are never around.
by matt 'the gat' moriarty January 27, 2004
A small furry desktop friend. Can be multi colored, wearing glasses or a seatbelt.
Brandon: What is that thing on your near your computer.
Danny: It's a kush
by Eminem December 04, 2004
A word of affection in the anime series Hamtaro.
I'm happy! Kush Kush Kush!!!
by HardwareHank September 26, 2004

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