1. Someone, usually a girl, that loves to act like they are a huge stoner/bk/dank.

2. Someone who loves to hang with the stoner boys and suck dick for a living and try to act all hard as if they are untouchable.

3. Someone, usually a girl again, that licks buttholes for weed but never gets it.
B- Hey can I lick your butthole for a g?
Guy- Yeah sure, but you gotta lick my butthole before I give you the weed.
B- Alright whatever you say
*Pulls down his pants and proceeds to stick her snake like tounge into the guys anus*
Guy- Alright thanks no weed for you because you must be a Kush Queen.
by DankyNick December 29, 2009
Top Definition
A female who enjoys cannabis and lives a life she is proud of.
Treat your Kush Queen right ;)
by TheKushQueens.com July 07, 2014
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