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To pinch someone's nipple using your bicep and forearm.
I felt the date was taking a turn so I gave her a Kurt Russel. She told me to take her home.
#kurt #russel #bicep #forearm #nipple
by Citezensnips September 21, 2010
Apparently, the erroneous way in which some toolbags spell Kurt RUSSELL by way of failure to include the final L.
When contributing a disparaging Urban Dictionary entry for a cult favorite celeb ala "Kurt Russel", it is strongly recommended that the contributing entity takes a moment to at least ensure that the spelling is correct, before returning to the (Crank That) Souljaboy I-Tunes download and Meet the Spartans tickets from Fandango.
#tool #tard #philistine #uncultured #no class #clueless #wanker #dorkloaf
by Robb-a-dob February 05, 2008
a disused house brick with eyes and a bad mullet.
if Billy Ray Cyrus (please excuse my spelling, i don't speak fluent redneck) had sex with a house brick and by some crazy magic the brick got pregnant, it would give birth to kurt russel.
#mullet #brick #billy ray #wanker #butt love
by I. M. Pantsless September 05, 2007
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