Himself. He killed him-fucking-self. There's no evidence that Courtney Love killed him.
Me: Kurt Cobain killed himself.
Me: Can you give me a website with evidence?
KURTLUVR495679 has signed off.
by Maesun June 03, 2005
Top Definition
Fucking Courtney love, obviously she wanted the fame and money...that damn drugged up fucking bitch

In other words shes a complete bitch. Kurt coulda gotten someone SOO much better.. and you all know it
Ex- Say your looking in a dictionary,
Bitch(n)- Courtney Love
by Tracie January 07, 2005
A whore-able person named Courtney Love.
Don't know who Kurt Cobain's killer is?

read Love and Death: The murder of Kurt Cobain
&go to
by Frances Bean February 09, 2006
Himself because he sucked at life and music Courtney love didn't do it you cock heads. Look up Elliott Smith For a real Musician or the best one form the 90's
Kurt Cobain Said I suck let me lay down and shoot my self with my foot cause I'm scared if I shoot my self and fall down I'll get hurt and write a shitty song about it. Courtney isn't my killer. i don't wanna be famous. * Gun Shot * weeks later Nirvana sells sky rocket.

Kurt Cobain's Killer him self
by Fuck You Cock Heads January 28, 2008
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