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i admit he was good but he only made 3 albums and then shot himself. People worship him like 2pac but cobain never had the Social conscious or intelligence 2pac possessed nore the number of hit albums during life or hit albums after his death.
Kurt cobain lit up the industry like a shooting star,and shouldve faded away like one.
by johnyhoff March 13, 2005
34 161
A totally overrated "musician". Could not play the guitar for his life. Stupid people think he and Nirvana killed Metal. wrong! They just killed stupid late-80's pop metal. True metal never died. Kurt on the other hand, did, when he blessed the world and decided to perform a 12-gauge lobotomy on himself. Also helped influence the shit bands of today, ie.: Nickelback, etc.
He was the second worst grunge singer, next to Eddie Vedder.

Layne Stayley and Alice in Chains wiped the floor with Nirvana and their talentless drivel
by IMDan August 10, 2005
87 236
not as cool as people say he is.
kurt cobain is not a martyr.
by brittles August 28, 2004
121 303
Stupid ass druggie who killed himself. Who had a ugly ass wife, and an even uglier kid.
a fucking worthless ass drug addict who killed himself, and everyone thinks that his wife did it.
by pimp daddy dollars January 24, 2005
80 323
The biggest waste of space ever, he was a useless cunt who had no talent so I am glad he realised this and killed himself!
A worthless stoner who wrote songs about all his "trips" which anyone could have done.
He was an extremely amateur guitarist despite what all you Nirvana jerk-off fans think. Just try to play any of their songs and you will see how easy they are(and badly written).
The first song I learned on guitar was smells like teen spirit and I learned it in 15 minutes, solo(lol-what a joke) and all!!!
If he hadn't killed himself/been murdered his band would have completely failed by now and he would not be remembered the way that he is now, but as a total failure!!!
Kurt Cobain was a stoner piece of shit but I do thank him for doing the world a favour and getting rid of himself or I thank whoever killed him!!!(probaly Courtney)

Kurt Cobain= waster, bastard, cunt, wanker, motherfucker, stoner, dickhead, loser, cocksucker, homosexual, asshole, faggot, bullshit, DEAD!!!
by rambo April 14, 2005
160 472