A person who makes you laugh. Will have a few boyfriends. Lives for making you feel awkward. Will always make be confused on if she likes a person or not. At first they will be shy, but over a period of time, will became a good friend. Some Kura's will be childhood enemies who become friends in the future. BE WARNED! If you do piss off or get in a fight with a Kura, you will NEVER win. Ever.
"Did you hear about Kura?"

"Yah that guy was a jerk! She gave him a piece of her mind!"

"Atta girl!"
#cool #good #different #outstanding #childhood
Top Definition
Fanon nickname for Ryou Bakura, a character in Yugioh. It's usually used for his darker half, who is referred to as Bakura (whereas the light half is usually called Ryou).
Fangirl: ZOMG I love you, 'Kura!

Bakura: I believe you're missing a syllable there. Pronounce my name correctly or you will live in the Shadow Realm for all of eternity!
#ryou #bakura #ryou bakura #yugioh #anime #manga #millennium ring #yami bakura
by medianoche27 January 17, 2009
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