The only word that Moogles can say do to the fact they have lost their cluture over the years.
Kupo making Final Fantasy nuts kupo for kupo nuts.
by Woogy January 27, 2005
A term used exclusively by a race of tiny winged creatures called moogles. While most adventurers believe the term is just a cute meaningless noise, there is a more derogatory and vulgar meaning behind it that is lost on many of the other races of the various Final Fantasy worlds. The word actually means "fucker." Moogles or Mogs as they are also known are actually very mean spirited and ill tempered creatures.
Kupo Nuts = Fucker Nuts

Have a nice day, kupo! = Have a nice day, fucker!
by DeadmanGanta June 10, 2011
1. Moogle word. Only word in moogle language. They can, however, speak english surprisingly well for a flying Japanese cat.
2. Word meaning anything; equivalent of smurf. On second thought.... Er.
3. Word to yell at people when angry/happy/sad/whatever.
4. Form of censorship that nintendo uses to keep its games E?
5. Serves same use as eh, kupo, eh.
That's right, kupo. Moogles are Canadian cats now, eh!
by Nagyss March 10, 2005
The ultra sophisticated language of the moogle. In fact, it is the only word used by these adorable creatures. Multiple meanings intended. An absolute favourite phrase used by their female fans goes like this:
He makes me wanna go "Kupo!"
by fused_296 February 22, 2004
The only word a mog can say
A commonly used word in a moogle's vocabulary.

Also, see "Kupopo".
Guy: "Hello, you little pink flying cat!"
Mog: "Kupo?!"

2. a.
Guy: "How are you, Mr. Pink Flying Cat?"
Other Guy: "What are you doing in my underwear drawer?"
Moogle: 0____0 "Uhhh... Nothing, kupo!"
by Jayne the Annoyer January 06, 2004
The only word in the language of the Moogles. Translates into Hawaiian word 'aloha'.
"Kupo! Nice to see you! Oh, you're leaving? Kupo!"
by Styder December 01, 2003
Hey, Kupo! Its nice to see you. How are you doing Kupo?
by DMFD Kupo October 17, 2003

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