Mrs. Mease
wow, Mrs. Mease is a KUNT with a capital K!
by aloha238975234 March 26, 2009
A cunt has evolved into many meanings, however this variation refers to someone who is superior, exceedingly persuasive and dominant and has control over whatever and whoever. Cunt's are generally women but they can be male, if a male is comfortable calling himself a cunt.

The reason for this definition is because the vagina being sexually superior to the male penis. And is also worshipped by men, weak and strong alike. So being a cunt is a high praise.

Also being called a pussy is quite the same as well.
"I've been on my kunt shit all day. I've managed to sell this house, I just opened up my restaurant and I have three men on the side if I get bored of my man."

You: Did you see that bitch the other day?
Them: I sure did, I should have beat her ass
You: Why didn't you?
Them: Because I made her man break up with her and take everything in the divorce.
You:'re kunt bitch

"He eats me out and I don't give anything in return...I'm hella Kunt"
by Thatrealbadbitch November 23, 2012
A word meaning "cunt" but used for people with names starting with "K".
Kaitlin is a Kunt
by Maxpane12 March 16, 2014
A really awesome girl who combines swear words like fuckass.
Keigan is a kunt.
by Veston March 19, 2011
A reference to the male anus in the context of receptive male intercourse. Generally the term applies to bareback sex in which the receptive bottom wants their anus to be considered as a woman's cunt, and is usually meant to be a term of humiliation that inspires sexual arousal.
Tommy is such a little pussy, I'm going to shoot my load in his kunt.
by deanOFmpls June 09, 2007
the definition of kunt is a womans vagina
savannah's kunt is full of burritos
by jackjoe April 18, 2008
a word that curiously makes your mother wonder why she ever had you in the first place
she always wondered why her father kept saying "i'd like to fuck your tight kunt oneday"
by dashpoo March 17, 2003

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