Northern English dialect. Contraction of 'could not'
Ah wanted anuther pint, but ah kunt get in before last orders.
by stayoutofarseholes September 22, 2003
Ironic misspelling to countervail the esurient profanity checkers so prevalent these days.
Tony bliar is a kunt.
by GordonBrown June 20, 2005
As opposed to 'Cunt' this version of the word means beautiful and amazing girl

When a girl is a 'Kunt' she is the best person in the world and is unmatched.

A girl who is a 'kunt' is usually perfect and super hot

This is a positive word not to be confused with the derogatory term of 'cunt'

Uses in context:

Woah that girl is such a huge 'Kunt'

woah could she be any Kuntier

Girl: i love you!!!
Guy: i love you too, youre such a Kunt
That Kunt was the biggest Kunt in the school, always doing charity work and caring for others
by ballerballer May 18, 2015
Kunt is an attitude.
Invented by Semi Precious Weapons.
Girl1: OMG did you see the way she looked at me?
Girl2: Yeah, that's kunt.
Girl1: I know right? That is so kunt.
by That's Kunt July 28, 2010
Similar to the word kunted and kunty; thus another expression of the word cunt in a familiar and jovial manner...
See that Kunt over there? I know that Koonat from the dogs...
by Mark Walker August 24, 2007
mispelling of the word "cunt"
by I TI August 08, 2003
A name you call a douche who whistles, plays world of warcraft,cries after he masterbates,and has long conversations about juice
Kent is such a Kunt...i wish he would go ruin somebody elses day
by waffle inc. July 27, 2009

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