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A word used to describe someone or something of particular 'filth' or to describe someone who purposely dresses like a prostitute on a daily basis.

The word is said to have originated on New York's Lower East Side and is used by the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Tranter.
Look at that girl wearing torn fishnets and drinking that whiskey! Her lipstick is beyond red! She's kunt.
by Little Kunt August 24, 2010
Similar to the word kunted and kunty; thus another expression of the word cunt in a familiar and jovial manner...
See that Kunt over there? I know that Koonat from the dogs...
by Mark Walker August 24, 2007
a womens vagina
your acting like a kunt
by Anonymous October 01, 2002
A name you call a douche who whistles, plays world of warcraft,cries after he masterbates,and has long conversations about juice
Kent is such a Kunt...i wish he would go ruin somebody elses day
by waffle inc. July 27, 2009
Often used in the LBGT environment, can be used viewed as negative or positive, depending on how you use it. It can mean prissy, good-looking, fashionable, well-put together, pussy like a cat....
1. She is KUNT.
2. U think ur so KUNT.
3. Boy, stop acting KUNT!
by Offut41 June 03, 2009
Kunt is an attitude.
Invented by Semi Precious Weapons.
Girl1: OMG did you see the way she looked at me?
Girl2: Yeah, that's kunt.
Girl1: I know right? That is so kunt.
by That's Kunt July 28, 2010
Mrs. Mease
wow, Mrs. Mease is a KUNT with a capital K!
by aloha238975234 March 26, 2009