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Origin: German
A sheath or skabbard in which to hold or contain a coachman's horse whip when not in use.
The coachman shoved the riding crop in his kunt. (still makes me giggle)
by MaxP0wer March 30, 2006


Acronymn for the Kuwait Union for New Teachers.

Professional and Social organisation for expat teachers.
Also has the Saudi Arabian Department (SAD KUNTs)
and The Dubai Association for Teaching (DAFT KUNTs)
"I'm a kard karrying Kunt in Dubai so I'm a Daft Kunt."

by maggiethatcher_com September 11, 2009
Name of a famous graffiti tagger, usually found on bridges across I-110 south of downtown L.A.
Looks like Kunt posted another strike last night....
by The Fuck You Soul Brother September 24, 2003
A beautiful flower
You are looking rather kunty today
by klankerz August 31, 2010
Northern English dialect. Contraction of 'could not'
Ah wanted anuther pint, but ah kunt get in before last orders.
by stayoutofarseholes September 22, 2003
A german cunt.
Brundhild is such a kunt.
by Matsuo-sama February 04, 2010
Ironic misspelling to countervail the esurient profanity checkers so prevalent these days.
Tony bliar is a kunt.
by GordonBrown June 20, 2005