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An unattractive, manly-looking female who enjoys flaunting what very little she has, particularly when it comes to looks, personality, individuality, and money. She is extremely conceited (but has no right or reason to be) loves to brand-name-label-drop (but needs desperate help in putting an outfit together on her gangly body), and tries extremely hard to portray herself as intelligent, (but has difficulty comprehending basic fundamental knowledge) Her interests include lying about her status to impress others, greasy fried chicken, thinking she is a disco dancer, being a doppelganger. Is often known for her skills in Mexican hat dancing It is believed that this self-absorbed individual feels the need to depict herself in this light since she hails from a troubled and unpleasant background. Most people around her will entertain her fanciful whims because of sympathy but those that actually agree and support her far-fetched ideas and statements have colossal troubles of their own.
Person1: OMG! I ran into a Kunjal she be lookin’ like a fashion freakshow.

Person2: yo!, fo realz?

Person1: yeah- she be sportin’ like she da bomb with all them crazy looks but she ain’t nothin’ but an ave-ho.

That girl is so Kunjal, she makes me sick.

I can’t believe a guy like that can tolerate such a Kunjal for his girlfriend.
by RockyHorror February 07, 2010
The most sissy name a Gujarati(hailing from the Indian state Gujarat) guy can get because in Gujarati,the name actually translates to 'nightingale'.
Random Guy:What on earth does Kunjal even mean?
Kunjal: It's better if you don't understand.
by 42guy February 23, 2015
it means "big penis" in many Buddhist and Hindu languages.
Asian Girl 1: I heard that guy has such a kunjal
Asian Girl 2: Woah, wish i was with him
by Irregulator September 22, 2011
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