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To pretend to be at an event when you actually are not or leave an event without letting anyone know. The disappearance is typically caused by extreme intoxication.
1) Where's Ryan? I thought he said he was here??? (Ryan shows up 2 hours later) Ryan, what took you so long?!? I thought you said you were just parking your car -- TWO HOURS AGO!!! Man, he pulled a Kuniyuki...

2) Where's Ryan? Did he leave? He didn't tell anyone he was leaving... (After a few hours of frantic searching - and getting the police and security involved) THERE HE IS!!! He's sleeping on a bench in front of Lens Crafters! Bastard pulled a Kuniyuki!!!

3) Where's Ryan? Did he leave? But he didn't pay his tab yet?!? Damn, he pulled a Kuniyuki!
by Sonny Boy September 07, 2006

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