An intimate orifice one is invited to stimulate during foreplay.

May also be used to describe a rare variety of turkish asparagus used in homeopathic medicine.
Her kunis quivered in anticipation when I entered the room.
by JeremyJoshBev October 28, 2008
Top Definition
Pronounced- (koo)-(nay)

A word from the Farsi language.

A slang word popular among Iranians and Afghans that means "asshole" but is mostly used as slang for "fag".
Chekhabar man look at those Americans they think they are ghetto with their Compton haha those Kunis wouldn't last one day here in the middle east.
by westcoastin March 31, 2011
Japanese for 'country' or 'nation'.
"Japan is a wonderful country." > "Nihon ha subarashii kuni desu."
by Stp December 08, 2012
inuit word for kiss. an eskimo kiss. rubbing of noses
betty's mom gave her kuni while putting her to bed
by yorail May 02, 2005
Kuni originates from Japan, bridging the two words 'Ku' which means silly and 'ni' which means woman. Often used in old Japanese stories to describe old women, who normally have an infatuation for cats.
"Bloody Kuni just bought hamster food for her cat"
by Static October 12, 2004
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