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1. The art of fixing cars invented by Cedric of At The Drive-In.

2. Asian food.
Cedric has a freakin' black belt in Kung Pao, but not Tai-Bo.
by OMFG Steve December 06, 2005
An expletive that a man shouts out after an amazing orgasm.
Kung Pao! Baby, that was awesome!
by Doogly January 21, 2010
n. Slang for cocaine, chewch or nose whiskey...
1. Every Friday I pick up an order of Kung Pao chicken to start the weekend off right. 2. Kung Pao, it's what's for dinner. 3. Bawk-bawk chicken Kung Pao!
by Uncle Benny December 03, 2007
The usual Asian pronunciation of "cum poo." It is exactly what is sounds like it is. Asian restaurateurs feed it to their black and white customers in America.
Ooh, you rike Kung Pao cheeken o shlimp? Eet velly good!
by Soobin April 12, 2008