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An uncommon last name of the German/Norweigen background;
One who is superior to all
"I wish i was as badass as that Kundes guy"
"Yeah, hardcoreness!"
by TisithYar! March 26, 2010
Is a white person who usually has black features such as a large penis and big lips. This person is exceptionally good at basketball and Halo. Will beat women if necessary! Makes the best popcorn in the world and a man of good humor and deep intellect. Is an AMAZING cuddler and usually makes the best type of boyfriend. Has a very distinct laugh and good memory when it comes to quoting movies. Has an extremely deep voice.
I got to lay in bed with a kunde last night.

"Thats Michael Jordan"
"no thats just kunde playing bball"
by Kunde1234 April 18, 2010