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A person of Indian origin, with the extra 'a' in his name for good luck. This person is likely a good boy in high school, but wants to party hard in university.
The extra 'a' will prove its luck in university.
Dude: "Hey did Kunaal hook up with that girl?"
Other dude: "Yeah he did! He sure got lucky!"

Dude: "Hey did Kunal hook up with that girl?"
Other dude: "Nope...I guess luck wasn't on his side."
#kunaal #kunal #lucky #party #indian #university
by CD_Player July 10, 2011
sweet, kind, caring individual
Mary "What do you think of Joe?"
Katie "He's such a Kunaal. I think he's great."
#kunal #kunnal #kuni #kunni #sweet
by Cali PJ January 22, 2008
(noun) a person in the adult entertainment industry whose job it is to give male porno stars blowjobs in order to get them ready to perform.
"Yo, Lance is going soft! Can someone get the Kunaal over here?"

That Kunaal gobbled my knob with such vigor...that I almost blew yogurt raisens before my big scene
#kunaal #gay #penis #hard #porn #blowjob
by pornoyespleaz August 24, 2009
ass wipe after one drops a big one
me: did you wipe your ass today?

rosh: yea i did a kunaal
#kunaal #kunzie #rosh #skeet #nincumpoop
by lalu July 22, 2006
A dumbass person who knows nothing and sucks at all sports including running, basketball and soccer. He normally has a twin (sister) and likes someone named Diksha
He likes that girl, he is such a Kunaal
by awesomestephcurrymrfan March 12, 2016
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