When you are being mugged and you threaten to call the police.
'Shut up, and don't bother kufing.'
'Get off him or I'll kuf'
by Nick September 11, 2003
Top Definition
How a dyslexic person talks
"Hey woman! Nice shoes, wanna kuf?!"
by Bigface October 27, 2004
Cocaine, Charlie, the white powder

This is some nang kuf
by Simon M November 21, 2005
A person who is a trend setter and frequently emulated.
Do you see that Kuf? His threads are tight.
That whip is kuffed out.
by O.G. Playboy June 08, 2006
Policeman in French Verlan (backward) slang. Corresponds to pig in English.
The kuf's coming around the corner
by O. Steck January 25, 2006
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