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An extremely intelligent person who openly does alot of illicit drugs and tells stories about walruses and Bob Sagget
"Yesterday I pulled a Kuba because I smoked about 10lbs of weed then ace'd my advanced molecular physics test. Later on I then had tacos with my pet walrus and Bob Sagget."
by Chunky Lover December 04, 2006
A Male name

The literal translation from a forgotten language meaning 'He Who Walks With Tigers'.
"The name Kuba came to me in a dream. It had a a tribal sound that seemed to echo across the ages. It embodies the spirit and the courage of the tiger."
by Seto December 07, 2004
a pleasantly plump fellow, considers himself sexy, smart, and a druggie. Kuba is polish for Jacob. (also referred to as koob, koobster, jake, jacob, kuba) pronounced KOO-BA.
YO! I chilled with Kuba at that party the other night.
YO KUBA, you got the italian homework?
by kmhs January 14, 2008
Perfectly straight with a 10-inch penis
wow hes a kuba wooooooooooooooooooooow
by fgjdgjkghkf January 29, 2008
when you are in the capable position of a sexual encounter with a good looking member of the opposite sex, but you walk away, run away, scream, freak out, do not engage in the encounter.

Also the inability to communicate and/or structure sentences in front of a good looking member of the opposite sex
John really pulled a kuba last night with Jessica.

Dude, dont kuba. Just go for it.
by ~GP~ June 21, 2009
Large, male, level 70 Tauren in Anetheron server. Looking for large, female, level 70 counterpart. Drives Wrangler and thoroughly enjoys mobbing level 1 boars
"look at that Kuba critting 22000...that's ridiculous!"
by Kuba Tauren February 06, 2008
A small penis. An undersized or underused penor.
Man 1: Hey man...see that guy over there?
Man 2: you mean kkk?
Man 1:'s well known he's got a kuba.
Man 2: wouldn't doubt it...just look at him.
by Toadie767 September 24, 2007

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