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An awesome band who went on the Pop disaster tour and were known as the least sober band of the tour. hau hau
KuT U Up's lead singer, Chris Cote was branded an his ass by Billie Joe Armstrong from green day
by Kerplunker45 August 15, 2004
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A cool band that went on tour with blink 182, greenday, and Jimmy eat world. They have one album out which is pretty good. You'll hear great things from them.
They're in the DVD riding in vans with boys. Which is how I heard of them
by Kristina Delonge July 02, 2004
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Kut-U-Up is an Indie punk band that formed in the late 90's. The band is made up of Chris Cote on Bass, Brendan Raasch on Drums and Brandon Parkhurst and Micah Mattson on Guitar. They all sing, but mainly just Chris and Brandon. They went on the Pop Disaster Tour with Green Day, Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World. They are mainly what the movie Riding in Vans With Boys was about. In 2002 they let out their First, and so far their only cd, "Pulled Over...your Eyes are Telling Me Different Son.." The best songs are "Sailed to Far" and "Have's, Have Nots". Brandon and Micah are also in the band Yovee. And yes, in the movie, Billie Joe Armstrong branded Chris' Botton with a pool stick.
"The have's/ the have nots/ the don't care's/ don't wanna's"
-The Have's, The Have Nots"
by what you will August 10, 2005
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fuck yea!! kut u up r a band who work their ass off, just as any starting up band does. they hav one album, and a website, aswell as having gone on the pop disaster tour in 2002 (to their name) their music is the most random stuff u hav ever heard, but its hilarious
whoever dnt like them fuck off! because u dnt kno wat its like to start up a band- and try and make it!
by billie joe armstrong April 07, 2005
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a lame ass excuse to get drunk and do drugs. no musical skills required, only a high tolerance for drugs and alcohol. about as gay as blink 182, N'sync or Mr. slave
No i do not want that Kut U Up CD even if it is free on the internet
by Rondale of Northern Bangladesh January 10, 2005
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