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"Ksenia mean's Guest in Greek". people with no home you are a welcome guest everywhere you go.

You are a little succubus that likes to tempt innocent men. you are stunningly beautiful and smart most likely studying Economics. >.> You are probably a bit racist but who isn't?

You get into peoples heads and make them fall in love with you , if you have Russian blood in you, you will most likely be a heartless monster but it's worth being with you even so.

You have an amazing body

You are a jewel in the desert sand and anyone who can see you shine will fall instantly in love with you.
Ksenia is my guest and your guest look after her and she will glow a radiant shade of blue.
by Darkangel black knight April 13, 2011
Noun: A fabulous soprano; a diva.
Jeff: You are so Ksenia!
Kaela: Yeah, I know.
by Kaela Baby June 15, 2007
most girls named ksenia are gorgeous, smart, kind, are dancers and are quite spontaneous.
i'm so lucky to have a ksenia in my life.
by ksenia4 August 03, 2010
Ksenia (n) kiss-n-ya. a popular name for girls during the Great Russian Empire's Renaissance. Literally translated from her East Slavic origins, Ksenia is "a celestial body of indescribable beauty; too hot for words."

A saucy lot, Ksenia's can be identified not only by their radiating beauty, felicitous demeanor, and sagacious mien, but the unfortunate inability these characteristics generate in others to properly formulate descriptive sentences when attempting to relay these qualities of Ksenia to another.

The term "Unspeakable Beauty" finds it's origins in this curious inhibition created by her presence.
Ksenia is...is...uhh, I can't seem to find the right words, but that doesn't really matter when she's kissin ya.
by Kiss-sin-ya December 28, 2011