A highly attractive male of Polish decent, possessing very rare and traditionally highly seeked qualities, such as "flowers and candy" and "walks on the beach"
Your friend is a total Krzystof, is he single?
by Anna December 14, 2003
Top Definition
Hot polish stud who enjoy long walks on the beach and gold fish
Krzysztof enjoys females.
by Jenna December 05, 2003
A Polish guy who is very smart. who has a trmendous potential of becoming an evil scientist. Known to love a girl called susan.
ddud! you are one evil Krzysztof!
by James hulse September 04, 2003
Polish name for Christopher, the Christ-bearer. The name of a man of great character, deep faith, enjoyable sense of humour, and tremendous generosity. His smile is contagious, and it lights up any room. He is someone many people are drawn to and look to for guidance and wisdom - a leader and a very special friend for those he allows to share his heart.
That man is a Krzysztof, and I would love to get to know him!
by clarias95 January 31, 2014
Some polish kid who likes writing story lines in Bulgarian, Greek and Sri-Lanken.
He also loves ice cream sandwiches and prescribes to Cat Frenzy.

He loves hot baklava and frenching random Canadians.

*just keep swimming...*
by Jenna December 08, 2003
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