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1. A person of subnormal intelligence.
2. One whose primary sexual attraction is toward prepubescent children.
3. One whose skill at CS equals that of a baboon with keyboard look and no screen (see also "Rahul").
"Im going to give up my job to play WoW in the holidays."


by <AFK>Ambient August 20, 2005
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An arrogant and self-absorbed male; a douchebag, most often addressed as a "dooooooouchebaaaaaaaaag" (elongated pronunciation)
You're so arrogant and self-absorbed, you Krzys.
by Tawny Roberts, Jr. August 18, 2008
A doooooooooooche-baaaaaaaaag.
Don't be such a Krzys!
by Greg Landau August 15, 2008

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