Coolest redhead in the world! Has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She also kicks ass, do not get on her badside.
She is such a Krystina!
by HawtGinger November 28, 2009
Top Definition
Greek root word meaning christos (anointed). Comes from Czech origin, but adopted by spaniards. Spanish/latin name for loyality and beauty. Handles crisis well, people seek her guidance. Would never betray a friend. unique. Strong and independent. Sweet and charming but dont get on her bad side. Krystina's have firey tempers. Needs her alone time. Loves with all her heart and usually ends up getting hurt by people she cares most about.
A Krystina never fails to impress me!
by core080 February 03, 2010
Raddest girl alive. Has a great sense of humor and she's freaking adorable.
AKA: Babybear
"That girl is such a Krystina. I love her!!"
by CAUSExAxSCENExx May 18, 2008
Krystina is the most beautiful, funny, coolest girl on this face of the Earth.
Dude I want to go out with Krystina soooo bad.
by Gordon Rutledge February 04, 2012
The most amazing girl in the world, her eyes are kryptonite for me. Her smile so radiant as to bring day into darkness.
That Krystina makes me weak in the knees, she is my weakness.
by ALittleBitEpic February 06, 2013
Evil puerto rican girl, that likes to hit people.
by JHDHS March 05, 2009
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