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Seems weird, but is a good-hearted person. She is a beautiful, sexy, kick ass, cool, down-to-earth chick. Is a shy and timid person when you first meet her, but you won't regret meeting her. Wild and crazy is what you'll think when you get to know her. She can always brighten up your day if even she's feeling down herself. Keeps her feelings a secret (not wanting to bother others) and always has her music with her. Even though she may is kind and and sweet she is not one to be messed with if you hurt her or anybody she cares about. A very loyal friend/girlfriend.
Guy 1- "I just met the most amazing girl."
Guy 2- "You just met a Krystie. Yeah, she really is something."
by Some Kyle February 04, 2014
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a gorgeous girl who just loves up partying!!!
Guy: wow did you see that gorgeous girl Krystie yet
Guy2:Yeah i saw her at a party! damnnn!
by CHIKKAAAA March 19, 2009
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and irish scissor loving, crazy female, often obsessed with her own sexuality.
krystie enjoys petting others feet.
by slitcie March 14, 2009
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