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A straight up G Polish Kid who knows his shit. Usually sells drugs and shoots up Heroine on a weekly basis. Also uses his cock for per say "Cock Slapping" vicitims. Falls under the catagories of : A female pleasurer, Douchebag, Known for "Porking" moms, Entensive knowledge of Polish Ways, and anything falling under the catagory of "Big Dick".
Ex. 1

Guy 1 - Yo, who's the cool cat over by the corner?
Guy 2 - That guy!? You fucking serious? He's Krystian, but you didn't hear it from me.

Ex. 2

Guy 1 - I didn't know Jesus went to this school.
Guy 2 - Nah dude... that guy right there, that's Krystian. But they are easily confused.

Ex. 3

Guy 1 - That guy over there is a fag.
Guy 2 - Dude, shut the fuck up, that's Krystian you ass hobler.
by Bigdick?YaProb. February 07, 2011
A girl with an amaing personality and sexy body. loved by many but also a badd ass bitch at points and someone who will fuck u up if she needs too.but sometimes can be whore and do stupid shit. Also a major partyer
krystian, bottylish, crazy, alcoholic, partyer, big bitch, curvey
by crazy bitch on top November 04, 2011
A girl who is sometimes thought to be bisexual or whoring, but is actually heterosexual (straight), loves her friends deeply and posseses intelligence and beauty.
Girl A: They think I'm a lesbo, but I'm not. Plus I overheard someone saying I'm so stupid but I actually get good grades.

Girl B: Omg you're really a Krystian :)
by Chungie93 December 26, 2009