the Southern U.S. counterpart to what is called White Castle in the Midwest and other regions like New Jersey. Like White Castle restaurants Krystal burger shacks are open 24 hours and the burgers (also called "slyders" because of their extreme greasiness) are cheap. You can get them in a bag of 10. They are square and have holes and are sometimes nicknamed "belly bombs" just like they are in the Northern U.S.
I was with some friends in Mike's Volvo and we were cruising around Orlando, Florida listening to some heavy metal music one night. Mike had on a Triumph tape in the player, later we had on some Van Halen. We stopped at a Krystal burger joint and got some root beers and a bag of 10 slyders. Me and Freddy ate most of them in the back seat of the car, the grease was just dripping from the little slyders. After about 40 minutes or so me and Freddy asked Mike to pull over and stop. Me and Freddy got out of the car and went to the edge of a ditch. It was Barf City for us. It was all too much.
by Starpunk January 24, 2008
A place to buy small, nasty little hamburgers. The southern equivilent to White Castle.
"Yo man I'm hungry. Wanna go over to Krystal's?"
"Krystal? Hell no, let's go get White Castles. They got those crinkle cut fries."
by EA - A November 28, 2005
a fat ugly beast of a girl. she has no confidence and takes out her issues by trying to put others down and starting hella drama. She also lies about everything. She weighs about 200lbs atleast has frog eyes a horse mouth and waddles everywhere.
Shes the worst type of person in the world, shes a krystal.
by honest-lil-snark December 06, 2010
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