1. A Krystal is an alcoholic beverage containing one part Sour Apple Schnapps and one part Red Bull.
Last night, i got so wasted! I had 4 Krystal's!
by Krystaliscool. September 05, 2010
A Mad Cool Person That Lives In New Bee Whose Name Will Be In Lights Before You Know It
I love my best freind Krystal.
by ALLEN MESSIER April 01, 2006
A beautiful tall, sporty girl. She loves to speak and express herself, and she likes to argue. She loves to be in love, regardless of anything. Her smile can light up a room, it is so radiant. She is funny, and loves to make people laugh!! she is decent and conservative, and somewhat mysterious.
Damn did you see that Krystal??? her smile made my day, I love her
by dujali1234 March 06, 2013
An amazing, kind, beautiful woman. One that can bring you up no matter how down you are. She brings sunshine into the darkest days, and can make you smile even when you want to set the world on fire. There is no better friend. She truly knows how to make you feel like everything is going to be ok. She also packs a hell of a right hook to keep you on course. Words cannot describe my love for that which is Krystal. Even the ones with with 36 letter last names.
"Krystal, my life is a mess"
"Here, have some schnitzel"
by agathapluck October 28, 2013
an amazing girl they tend to date zacks and enjoy a wide variety of sports and activities..usually sex-addicts strong minded and very argumentive
"Dude, that is Krystal, shes dating a zack this is the second one in her entire life...they totally banged last week."
by Krystzal12 May 18, 2009
Only the hottest girl in the world, she's not only hot, but she's smart and funny
Omg krystal talked to me today
by no one but me September 25, 2014
Shes a total and utter bitch. She'll flirt with your man, sleep with him, flirt with him until she gets him. She pretends to like you, but really, she hates you. Shes fake and ugly. She acts all ghetto and acts like her problems are deathly. Theres nothing beautiful about her. Shes a lady that will settle for the worst. She can do better, but instead, she wants a filthy piece of trash that isnt worth anyones time and plays with your heart. Shes an ugly whore who needs to be put back in her place
"dude, did you hear what julie did?"

"no! What'd she do?!"

"she fucked emilys boyfriend!"

"yup. Shes a total krystal"
by jonakwpla May 03, 2014

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