the name of a person who is awesomely amazing
Damn is the krystal
by missmess March 03, 2010
A female anthropomorphic vixen from the 'Starfox' game series
'Krystal was so hot in StarFox Assault...'
by ShadePaw-KrysTail June 11, 2007
A beautiful, intelligent, and sweet girl who will steal your heart from the moment you lay eyes on her. She has beautiful long brown hair and glimmering big brown eyes. Her smile is so beautiful she'll make you smile just by looking at her. She's the most perfect girl and cares for everyone.
Isaiah: Dang look at that girl Krystal
Oscar: Yeah she's mine
Isaiah: Your really lucky
by simplyyme January 02, 2012
the most beautiful person in the world and also the most important friend that you could ever have also the most reliable person you can ever meet. But also someone you cant help but feel close to or love because they are so perfect aka. the meaning of the word beautiful .......!
example:krystal is probaly the most perfect person you will ever meet
by jawan12345 June 27, 2011
One who exudes absolute GREATNESS. There can be no letter switching, must be spelled K-R-Y-S-T-A-L, C's are NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES acceptable, that word is defined as unattractive, slobby, and most likely FAT and loud.
Man, you can tell why her name is Krystal.
by chaoousidemthafka! April 30, 2010
Great greasy little hambuger popularized in the south. Founded in Chattanooga in the 20's, some people like to compare them to White Castles. A true slider connoisseur knows that a Krystal burger trumps a White Castle. Open 24 hours, the restaurant caters to many different clientele. However, to truly understand the spiritual meaning of Krystal, they must be consumed at 3 AM after a night of hard drinking. It is here where I will recommend that people suffering from constipation can find a cure at any local Krystal. The day following a Krystal binge will completely cleanse your gastrointestinal system of any remaining blockage, with prejudice. Even with the colonic hurricane that follows, Kystals are an absolute Southern treasure.
Night before: Woohoo! Damn I'm drunk! Let's go hit up Krystals and get our bash on!

Day after: If anyone needs me, I'll be in the shitter. Open the windows, and for God's sake don't light a match!
by Senor Musk January 06, 2008
1. A Krystal is an alcoholic beverage containing one part Sour Apple Schnapps and one part Red Bull.
Last night, i got so wasted! I had 4 Krystal's!
by Krystaliscool. September 05, 2010
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