Krylon is a substance that can reside in humans under certain circumstances. Someone with krylon in them, not experiencing effects from the harmful toxins, are subject to have superhuman strength and tremendous knowledge. Anyone with the name Krylon is your master.
Krylon owns you!
by Paul Roy December 10, 2003
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A bad spray paint that looks runny like someone was bleeding on it.
A you got one of those sweet Krylons I want my bomb bloody.
by Pimp December 09, 2003
A good bombing paint. Flows good on almost any cap and isn't near as expensive as other paints.
Dude that krylon is only 2.29 and the rusto is 4.50
by ASK! May 16, 2007
a really shitty car paint job. usually given by a crackhead nigga for only $20...the cost of the spray paint.
i just copped me a new krylon on my ride. shes looking like a herpes infested vagina while its on the rag.
by comp-ton January 17, 2007

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